Just Walking My Pet Llama

Date: 7/17/2017

By amandalyle

I was walking a llama through the school with Tony. It had an inbuilt radio and was playing this strange folk music. Tony was so embarrassed, he walked a few steps behind. "I'm not with her!" He'd tell people, as we passed by them. Needing the toilet, but not being able to find one in a corridor full of doors, I panicked about not getting there in time. I was bursting! Finally, I found one but as I was releasing myself, my aunty Ellie appeared out of nowhere and was standing in the cubical with me. I was a bit taken back, at first, and then we casually started talking about flowers. I then ended up in a garden centre with my mum and she kept piling the trolley with things I didn't need. "That'll be expensive!" I warned her. "We will come to that, when we get to the till!" She replied. "But I don't even need these 5 grow-bags!" I thought.