kwvin parker

Date: 3/2/2017

By deepa

so im meeting gwo at some mall thing and its starting to rain or smth and im on the roofand i come down to find him and basically we spend some time therr and theres somw time before that where there were third parties joining us so i wasnt too keen on that and theres a bathtub at somw point and hes floating above that and i wanna try too but water gets in my ears and its blocked so im sad...and theres super hans? we take his coat off and push him in the water and he looks extremely fuckable... and then um cant recall details at some point kevin parker is in some tamil movie and im watching it tbinking what fhe fuck wow me and my mother watxh a show where some indian girls are singing my agw and one of them starts crying and its a Huge fiasco and i ask my mother to buy me avacados and she refuses