A musical pillow, hippy dancing and Louis for One Direction

Date: 2/17/2017

By amandalyle

I could hear music in my pillow...like there was a party happening in there. Different pieces of music played as I pulled myself into different positions. It was almost like I was in control. There was a beautiful piece of piano music, that I was making up in my mind. Then some other pieces that I recognised. Cotton eyed joe was one of them. But without actually knowing the lyrics I found that automatic knew each word to this song. There was also some rap music playing. I remember thinking "I'm never going to get to sleep at this rate!" As the music continued to play, joss sticks and wax were all over my bed, and I was trying to rub the ash away, so that my son could have a cuddle with me in bed. He had woken up and had walked into my room. Next scene; I was in a shop with my mum. I was following her. and she said to me "the best way to look young is to smile!" "But I barely ever smile!" I thought. Next scene; I was a large dance hall doing a hippy dance - waving my arms around to the sound of whales singing. There was a hot guy stood watching at the side and I was a bit put off. In the end, our team won and I was chosen along with my four others to have my picture taken for the local paper. My friend Liz and Sophie were also chosen, and a random fat man I had never seen in my life. The other dancers, who looked Oriental, congratulated us. Louis from 1D was there and he was working on his solo career - he was making a music video in the same building but the backing music was a song from the 90's - "I think he's going to have some copyright issues!" I told the fat guy. "Yes, definitely sounds like the Beautiful South!" He replied. Next scene; I found £20 under the kitchen counter. I was going to split it between the kids, but then I thought... nah! I'll keep it. I need to buy an adult school uniform anyway (God only knows why?!) ... and these can be pretty pricey!