Snail in ear?/I'm a hooker/megachurch

Date: 7/29/2019

By DevaJu5395

I was sitting in a car with a woman, getting ready to go inside whatever place we were parked at. I look into the visor mirror to check my makeup and I see a snail extending its head out of my ear. I'm mortified but I don't want to call attention to it because it seems so nasty. I try to tug it out but the shell has grown in my ear and it won't budge. I grab some cuticle scissors and snip its head off, thinking that maybe the shell will dry out and come out eventually. Suddenly we're inside and the woman I'm with is trying on a suit. She has nothing on beneath the jacket and I'm watching her breasts as she turns from side to side in the mirror. I tell her that time is still ticking and I'm down for whatever. I'm wearing a strapless dress and I pull it down, teasing to flash her. Cut to, I'm in a megachurch and evidently it's the last service before the place shuts down. Everyone is crying. There's a guy going around hugging people they "voted" to hug and they've passed out a packet of survey questions and a crossword puzzle with really weird formatting.