My teeth fall off

Date: 7/29/2017

By NunoSantos

[context]Today i had the most bizar nightmare i ever had too mutch details even to think about it crips me out (lets just say i saw the intirior of my flesh and bones)..maybie i am having more stress at work again, thats what trigred the dream?..anyway.. [the Dream] ..from what i started in the bathroom I'm looking at the mirror and I was feeling sick, nauseated, weak..but i dont know thing.... I was outside near a friends house walking in the street with my father at night..i stayed a bit berind couse i notice my theeth felt lose..i rush to show him..and has i get near him. Every teeth crumbles and falls..i panic as i try to grab jaws bones start to brake my libs disintegrated as they were dust..i can see my mussels and the braked half bones clamping out of my jaws through my father's eye's.. then I woke up!.. men that dream left me with an uneasy felling...