Digital art, She looked at him, her face showing a mix of surprise and shock as she saw his expression of concern,


Date: 7/16/2019

By thetruecall

I lived in a small house beneath where planes flew near an airport. I invited a women over for “companionship” who I believe would be paid for her time. The woman arrived. The woman was Heidi, but not Heidi. She looked nothing like Heidi and was much older than Heidi should be. Anyways, we became intimate. She became distressed when my face was near her inner thigh became she had some kind of wound (looked like red scratches on the skin which were inflamed). I was concerned and stopped what I was doing.

AI generated interpretation This dream may symbolize a fear of intimacy and vulnerability. The airplane flying overhead could represent a fear of being judged. The woman not resembling Heidi may represent an inability to connect with someone. The wound could symbolize a fear of being hurt or rejected. The dream may be reflecting a fear of being intimate with another person and of being judged or hurt in the process.