hiding geo

Date: 5/23/2017

By deepa

so smth like im with geo in my room and im just about to go to shower so im in my towel and JUST then my sister comes home and we contemplate just telling her the truth but also im naked so i dont want her to have a bad impression so i ask him to get in my closet altho its kinda small so the door wont close properly and my mother comes home and im panicking and being very cautious of the closet and We all go out for a bit and when my mother went off for something in the other direction i rsn off back home. and then idk what happened smth whenlike im in the toilet i heard the word "nice" repeated softly nice nice nice nice and when i come out i see that the rubbish chute in my house is opened up and im so scared i close it so fast and when my sister comes home she opens it and says "see! its my friends" and two men in there wave from like below on the first floor or smth but seemed way close..it was very creepy.. and um smth with a lift and i forgot the rest