Date: 5/16/2017

By deepa

so its 2am: ive gotten a new hamster in real life so in the dream i wake up in the middle of the night and go to check on him and hes in the living room and the food is somehow inside his space so i pick it up n close it and i make SO much noise and im surprised my mother isnt awake since her room is right opposite.. and she comes out and i remember im very eerily sitting there with my neck down ans my hair all over and just fidgeting around with that shit and she just acknowledges me and goes to piss. and then i open the main door and allow some cool air in and see the school kids ready to go to school and i observw them and even snapchat my roof or smth but its very laggy so not sure if i got to send it. and another bit with me n geo walking round n me being upset or smth and he doesnt know what to do regarding his plans or smth...like he doesnt know what type of smth to get...ok idk smth about a guy also asking him to suck om his feet 8am: so there was a big apocalypse of some sort with ppl fighting and buildings stand up like transformers movie and fight as well and theres some mission to save ppl i feel like theres some similarities to star wars for eg theres twins who are being held by a big man and in my head theres some prequels thing so the actors are different ita dumb.. and there was also some instant noodlws eating thing..and some big fat chick chasing an0ther one but an old granny and she is chasing her by crawling and the granny survives cus she out crawls the big chick cus she wasnt fat when she was a child.. idk bro and some big slide thing she falls down it ok not a slide nut just a big fall it was