beach times.

Date: 4/16/2017

By deepa

so a lot with geo likw smth like we do go to the beach and we r somehow among like SO many ppl and i hate it so much and i tell him im so insecure and i xant so we leave hes being a bastard by the way and when we r going off i see like the best spots but he doesnt wanna go to these nice clean empty bits -.-- another part with a sog aoemhow in his rrom and hes sleeping but the dogs just growling at me and i accidentally throw the ball out the window and im asking him to tame his dog so i can get it and im begginghim but he wont react.. another dream with me n hanna at daily scoop and somehow some bitch in there needed to see her ic and i went in there to prpve to the 16yr.old that were old and she wasmt there so i emded up showing a guy and it didnt have the same effect it was lame. another part i was at some studying place and at the night time there was no light on top of it but evry other tables did..and something with me n geo at some school place maybe and i dont wear my shoes so i try n wear his slippers but i choose not to.. ans thwn smth about kieran swearing a lot in uni or smth and my mother or some motherly figure is pissed.. add ons: i guess im rly horny..dreamt of my mother leaving the house and me trying to get some time to wank off in private but somehow time runs out and my kother comes back for a while but goes off and when i try to get off my bed my sister is holding me so tight and womt let me and just before the song apologise was playing n she slewptalked basically then ahes naked n telling me i guess she dreamt of boning hwr boyfriend but me being the boyfriend booo.. and then im drinking with geos austrian mates i guess and we plan on goimg out for adrink even tbo qe just settled down with a drink and a rly short girl gets carried by one of them. next parts strange like i guess im with shaycarls family and talking to the babies n crying a bit n then it changes to me in some persons house n my moms there too and eating but everyone gets a plate of food except me so i play it cool even tho tjeres no mpre food left.. and then later on theres somw othershit going down honestly idk... but with me and this other old lady diving in vertically down real deep into the ocean and th3n pushing ourselves up cus we cant hold our breath and we cant see underwater ans thered a cage of other ppl beside us...ok idk and we do that couple times and i try to do some footwork underground but it doesnt work and so im like okkk and we do this couple times.. and um smth with a lift and mayb ejennifer lawrence is in there honestly idk anymore. and geo saying he accidentally tapped his card n he had to buy some thing cus the reader was so sensitive and i tell him im sure there was a way to cancel it