Digital art, The people contemplated a daring jump off a cliff in order to achieve a perfect utopia.

The Jump

Date: 4/10/2019

By MattyVRaps

I lived in an unknown time and i had some best friends that i considered family. However we lived in a world with no privacy, monitoring 24/7, the people had control of nothing in their lives. Everything in everyones lives was planned by the “government” and you need a special pass to live there. I didnt have this pass so i lived there in secret but it sucked because you need the pass to do everything including open doors. One day my best friend(joe i think) and my “girlfriend”(Anne) decided we had to get out of there so we decided to escape. We getting everything together trying not to look suspicious. We decided to mug a soldier guarding the people, take his badge and use the government door on the egde of town which leaded to a cliff. As i was sneaking around the main building (which is where EVERYONE lives) i came across a terrble conversation. I was in a office that was off limits to the people and i was looking for a map. I was hiding behind a desk i heard they were gonna kill a 7(i think) year old because she was blind. I stole the girls file brought it back and showed joe and anne. So the day we were escaping i went to her room and talked to her for a good hour and told her she had to come with us. She had no parents(just a nurse) which gave them more of a reason to kill her which is terrible. I take her with me and we drive the door. When we get there the alarm started blaring and we sprinted. We got out and made our way down the cliff and walked a while and found another cliff that was even steeper than the last. We knew this place, it was an urban legend, there was an anient small building hanging off the cliff with a hole in the middle wheres you can look off the cliff. Legend said “If you are to jump you achieve pure happiness and live in a perfect utopia.” As we looked down we saw beautiful trees and a beautiful lake. We all were scared and we hugged and we thought about jumping. The last thing I remember was hearing in my head(not my voice) “Jump before you wake up.”

AI generated interpretation This dream is likely reflecting your own feelings of being trapped in a situation where you have no control and are unable to do the things you need or want to do. You feel that the only way to escape is to take a risk, which is represented by the jump off the cliff. You seem to be struggling with the decision, as you take your time to consider the risks associated with the jump. The presence of the young girl in the dream could represent your own inner child, and the desire to protect her from the oppressive environment could be reflective of your need to protect yourself from the same. The idea of achieving "pure happiness" in the perfect utopia could be symbolic of the hope that you have for a better life, if you take the risk and make the jump.