Gypsies in my garden and a pint-sized thief.

Date: 1/30/2017

By amandalyle

Gypsies had taken over my garden and I didn't know what to do. Next scene; As I walked towards my front door, I realised that it was half open. I entered the house suspiciously, knowing there must be an intruder somewhere. I noted that some of my things had been taken and found myself creeping up the stairs. All of a sudden, a pint-sized thief came out of my son's room. I picked him up (as if he were a child) and shook him until stuff came out of his pockets. My iPhone came tumbling out of one, and some other random stuff in the other. "You little fucker!" I snapped. Next scene; when I looked in the mirror I saw that I had developed the worst adult acne. "I look awful" I sobbed.