Talking To The Wife

Date: 2/7/2017

By atwoodforprez

I was at some event led by this woman. She was quite famous. Her kids were watched by a nanny. Her husband was around too. At the end I really wanted to talk to the wife about her work. Seems initially I connected with the husband. He was a slippery character. His wife did find time to talk. We really had a bunch of laughs. It was hard to leave there. Somehow I stayed the night. Don't think I slept. Her kids had school and needed to get ready. Still this woman and I talked. She was quite goofy. The husband was getting annoyed. I walked into the main room and it was filled with people. Everyone I spoke with seemed disconnected. Nobody welcomed me. There was another woman who told me about a solar company where she worked. When this hipster dude ignored me I left. Getting to my car was tricky. First I was angry. Two there were thousands of pigeons about. I ran and they all started flying away. Someone asked why all the pigeons seemed scattered. Another responded, "Because someone is running." These pigeons turned into a dalmation-Rottweiler mix. These beasts looked vicious and displaced. The third difficulty was finding the car. I got stuck in people's gated front yards, including a police station. I was sure I would be put under arrest. Nobody saw me even though I watched a cop make an announcement over the loudspeaker. I finally made it out and I was in the shopping area. I felt an urge to eat something.