All That She's Wants is Another Baby! Oooo Oooo

Date: 5/4/2017

By amandalyle

I was riding on a bike with my sons on the back. I think it was a tantrum? We were on the way to school, only the school was completely different and the system had changed. I had no idea where to stand with the boys and ended up in the wrong playground. I felt like a failure of a mum, as everyone else seem to know what they were doing and where they were going. "For fuck sake!" I muttered. "What the heck is going on?" Next scene; I was looking around my old high school. It must have been a reunion. I saw someone I knew called Nikita Arnold and she had a neat round bump. I remember feeling envious (despite being happy with my 3 kids and not any more) ...but in my dream I DID. I wanted another baby. I remember thinking "I must rush home and tell my husband I want another baby... NOW!"