Demonic possession?

Date: 3/12/2017

By rubyisabel1

I was at my friends heaven's house sleeping over. And in the morning we were getting ready for a party. I lift up my shirt to put on a fancier one, and i see scratches all over my chest. Like someone or something was digging there claws through me. I freak out and go to heaven and cry and she says "don't worry you're probably just stressed". Then I look around the room and there are scratches all over the walls in unclear words and the devil stars (I'm not sure what they're called). Then I go to her mom because she's a psychic in real life and does cleanses and stuff and she told me that there was a ghost but it'll go away, acting like it'll go away. Literally everyone was acting like it was so normal. So then my mom came and picked me up and I didn't tell her about it. Next thing I know, my mom and I are at Disneyland. It's such a weird day. I look at my phone and it's 6:04 am. We are waiting in line at the Winnie the pooh ride and for some reason the ride wasn't going and we were confused on where the operator is. So we're waiting and waiting and finally and finally an operator comes and hands us a contract to get on a ride and we get so mad and just leave. Then as we're walking a little boy inside a play house says wanna play with me and so then i walk up to him and go inside the playhouse and then I'm back at Heaven's house. It's like a family party because my family and her family were there too. I see my grandma and it's really weird because everyone was acting so strange. I would tell people about the scratches on my chest and they would act like it's normal. Finally, I wake up.