Shallow swim restaurant

Date: 9/14/2019

By Mrs.Posterity

I remember experiencing part of this dream twice ... We went there to tell them we wanted a table there, had to go do something else in this mall like area until it was our turn. After we going out to the right and then back towards my current perspective and having to swim a little bit to get to the bright yellow dinner table just under the surface. There were going to be several of us in this strange place. I could see myself from in my body looking around, then, when I was near my husband, I could see myself from his perspective. I partially swam over to where I was going to sit. The water felt different. Less wet. I had on a yellow dress. I had to hold my little purse strap while getting there. Perspective change to standing up one story up which wasn't directly overhead as there were large amounts of space right above the water table restaurant. I was then on another floor that started around the edges of the table. From there I could feel outside pull my attention to it. I look around and see that we are in a different state whilst outside. The weather and lighting is different... dimly lit with a late, recently set sun that makes everything blueish and still deciferable somehow. I know that I went around the outside somehow, and was standing up on an even higher floor up to the perspective I started viewing from (up and to my right). There was some construction type things going on but like out in the middle of the country somehow near those deciduous trees.