Third eye song , three diff times I knew I was dreaming...

Date: 6/16/2019

By Mrs.Posterity

I could feel I couldn't move, lying in bed. My husband was there in the dream too and I felt everything was fine. I knew that I was dreaming, lying in bed asleep, and having a fun time with my husband sitting up and talking in the daylight. I let go of the awareness of being asleep and turned deeper into sleep. Later, in what seems like in a diff dream ... There was a man that turned around in a crowd. He said very clearly in a cl3ar and easy to understand voice, something about "...dreaming in very vivid, or otherwise super-realistic dreams." A bunch of people were around, possibly waiting for a subway. (Have not been on one yet IRL). I knew I have done that, (dreaming like that) and that I could be dreaming right then! :-) Thirdly, my husband & I were traveling around in a vehicle, snapping our fingers, singing along with a song that said, "_____ ______ ______ ______ ______...third eye... Blank, blank, blank blank, third eye..... Something can not recall or couldn't understand what any of the other words were, and at the end of every verse was: ...Third Eye. ·:) ·:)