The One With the Indoor Beach

Date: 6/22/2019

By nicolezdzieba

I’m with Renee, Blake and Blane, standing on rocks at a miniature beach (which appears to be in someone’s living room). I’m wearing shorts and a bikini top, and I’m trying to collect shark teeth from the sand before the sun sets. I decide to try to put my hair in a hair towel, but I can’t get it to work. I flip my head upside down, but it keeps slipping out. Renee rolls her eyes at me, turns to Blane and says, “See? This is why you need to get a girl with a pretty face and short hair.” I’m offended ... I’m in my bedroom in South Carolina (but the tent is on my bed) with two girls. One of them talks to me about Candi. She tells me all about their conversation and I say, “Wow, you’re lucky. She actually likes you.” ... I’m looking at a Banyan Hill Christmas card of sorts. Among other pictures, there are pictures of the DeHoog’s kids on each side. The picture of Lilly (who is actually Lucy) says: “She is evil in spring.” The picture of Jace and Jaxson (who look like they’re wearing long, straightened wigs) is captioned: “Jaxson is a goofball and Jace is a stickler.”