Date: 9/6/2019

By Mrs.Posterity

My husband and I were awoken by several young men basically across the street, who were actively ripping & had cut the driver's side mostly off of a red SUV. They were rolling the top part into itself by hanging and squeezing the top with the window cracking and rolling up with the few inches of truck side that they were rolling. There were 3 other young men, sitting inside who were high-revving the engine, waiting for it to blow up. It was starting to snow some more. The ones hanging off of the side by their hands, let go, laughing and chasing each other back into a trailer they had car parts stacked by the door. One of the guys I recognized somehow & and as he was kicking another guy in front of him while he was down, whilst laughing, I didn't feel sad for him when he (the abusive one) slipped and fell on the snow & ice because he was trying to kick another man while he was down. Then I awoke for real.