1/17 darkness and monsters

Date: 1/18/2017

By grimdream

I was in my mothers house but the inside was different, like a spooky but expensive mansion. At first I found myself to have telechinetic powers but they scared the shit out of me. I tried to show my mom but they wouldn't work when she was around. I could move things and a chair was following me around the room. I felt this really powerful sensation, like I was floating but I wasn't. The power goes out and my mom is gone. There is snow on the ground. When the power goes out I get the intense fear like I know something is coming (it seems like I manifested what came) and I face these evil creatures. The two I remember... one is like Dracula and another looks like me but with something living inside.. my eyes are all white and glowing...I say to it "that looks like (my name)" (weird) but in the dream I am more evil and more powerful than these creatures and I sense that I don't look like myself on the outside but like something dark. I get a little intimidated when I understand the devil himself is coming. The creatures approach me and there is this grand staircase where a lot of this happens and a balcony in the living room. The wood is dark. When they approach me they say tantalizing things but there is no attack although it seems I am constantly escaping it. I am mildly horrified the entire time. My mom pulls up and I try to explain to her what's happening but she doesn't seem to understand. Every time the power goes out I have mostly fear but I also think I was a little excited. It's like my waking mind new I was dreaming and new it was an exciting dream. But the dreaming part was scared of what I would have to do like being afraid of watching a horror movie.. even though you know it's not real you are still afraid to watch