lookingfor whisky!

Date: 6/3/2017

By deepa

ok so whisky is the hostel cat where i work at..ans in the dream im smoking smth with someone and hating it and also before that doing some camping with my "family" but lot of unknown people of course theres like a health screening as well and eventually doing some bonfire with little twigs in them. and um later on yea my partner passes a joint i try it and i hate it and then he tells me my mothers kissing some guy so im like helll no cus weve been trying to be discreet. and then somehow i let the cat out during hide n seek maybe? im hiding in a closet i guess when i came to a stairwell i opened the door for her and she came out n looked so bored so i gave her smth to chew on ahahha and eventually she got lpst and i went around looking for her everywhere cus can u imagine shes lost what would the hostel ppl do!!! and i pass by some sort of police station and help some indians to figure out a name and lend them my charger? or smth and i go before collecting it but they catch me at the crossroads and im still very worried about the cat and ive walked so much basically.