Apocalypse + Guardian

Date: 8/26/2017

By toomanyneutrons

There was a big fire near my house while the in laws were over. We needed to go immediately and said we'd all run down the front and meet them there. When we got there I couldn't find Evan. I was screaming and screaming for him but he was nowhere. Cut to some time after, an apocalypse type situation, I'm alone. I find Evan... but I'm not myself. I feel and look myself, but to everyone else I'm a terrifying demon beast. I blend in unless interacted with or doing anything to stand out. As the dream goes on, people flinch at me but don't outright run away. We start trying to piece together what happened, as I have no memory from the house to now. We decide to visit several locations with different meanings, including the last place I was, where Evan went (after we 'went off' and left him at the back of the property, he went north east to find his own shelter), and a library to find out more about what I was. Lots happened, but I started to piece together that I was some kind of demon, a Guardian, that is usually assigned to a mortal or a situation that requires protection. The Guardian can shift from person to person, and apparently I'd stolen them from another who wanted to use their power for evil. They weren't very happy about this, obviously, but I still had no memory, nor could I access the Guardian's memories and potential. A lot of little travel things happened, including scenes with people recognising the Guardian from myth, and me trying to fake it so they had some hope. Eventually it ended up with Evan and I split again trying to get to the same location (I think it was heavily guarded/fortified so we split to enter). I was being chased by terrifying beasts, helicopters... I ended up jacking a car to gain some speed on them. The dream then switched to a girl (an important figure) jumping out of a car that had gone off a huge jump and parachuting down to her worried parents (that she was talking to on the phone). However, at the last second she grazed the roof of the stables and flipped, landing hard and breaking her neck. Her parents and a boy (friend?) ran up to her, the father adamant she was alright, but she was not. The father then desperately tried to perform CPR but it was obviously futile. end dream.