school and eric clapton

Date: 3/11/2017

By deepa

smth like im in school and talking to brenna and im not too interestedbin her story but its also jia hui? and im not Too interested in the long story and ive a tut in 2mins so i get ready to go politely. and then i reach the place but with no idea where the tut clsss is and i take the Longest time i csnt even go on to explain how long but it took a Long time..its unbelievable and then i my mste helps me and says its sunshine of ur love and yhen we go to another part of the building that ssys ehivh album its from or smth and and then somehow eric claptons on a beach and theres a Big dog like animal? idk..and then im travelling to some mall...fuck im forgetting cus i got rudely awakened.. smth with my toothbrush having a big scquare like hole with blood cus it was hurting So much when i brushed..and smth like geo is having some vanity parade or smth