Fork Head and Worm

Date: 1/16/2017

By boogieman85

I was at the BFI Imax. It was late at night. I had no ticket or desire to see a show. A queue of people was starting to go in to the late night screening. My mum was in the queue. I went and spoke to her; she was going to see Lord of the Rings. I didn't want to watch it. As I was leaving the cinema, three teenage boys were also leaving. They were obviously into metal. I made friends with them, and it turned out one of them lived on the South Bank. I recognised the description of his flat - a cuboid development of white blocks with wall plants next to the Thames. We went to his place. Inside, we chatted, jumped around, trashed the place a little bit, then put a film on the projector. Later, I was with another trio - we were making a film together, having a meeting. One of them might have been Charlie. We watched part of a tense scene on my phone. A creature with a fork instead of a head was searching for the main character, a worm. The worm was on the run from fork head. We went to a café and were asked for a cup of tea. The tea was called 'Golden Tea.' It was the nicest tea we had ever tasted. In amazement, we passed the tea round and took sips until it was all gone. I could taste it in my dream. I asked why it was better to drink tea and watch a film on my phone than go to the cinema. To demonstrate my point, I put the same scene - fork head and the worm - on the projector. Everyone in the café stopped talking and watched the scene. I thought they'd complain, but they didn't - they just watched. The image was out of focus.