An ex

Date: 4/16/2017

By MxZaari

My ex calls me (or I call him. Doesn't matter). I go off on him, like I did a few months ago. I ask him if he's ever planning on giving me my things and money back. He says no because they were gifts. I tell him why did he promise to give them back then? He also tells me that our relationship was just sexual. Which isn't true because we had only met twice before, and the sex the last time was utterly garbage. I tell him if it was just sex, he wouldn't have begged me to come to Chicago, he wouldn't have told me he loved me, he wouldn't have said I was his girlfriend, and he wouldn't have said he wanted to marry me. These are not things you tell people if it's just sexual. He also told me that he had other obligations like his family. I keep telling him woweeew because every time I talk to him his story changes. Does he think I'm stupid, I keep demanding?