Parachuting in a Multi-coloured Flashing Onesie

Date: 4/16/2017

By amandalyle

I was about to board a plane with my family, but there was a massive queue. The airport looked like it was something out of a sci-fi. The floor was made of glass and we could see water under our feet. We were a bit late getting to the airport and then realised that we were forgotten to bring our things. We all went back to the car and I notice that Phoebe was grumpy and a bit tearful. We had 5 minutes to get back to the airport, but for some reason I was messing around with a cactus. "You need to get a space in the queue before the plane leaves without us!" Mat said. So I quickly ran back to the terminal, but by the time I got there, I was too late. We had missed our flight. I then went to the ladies toilets and to see there was another referendum: I decided to vote this time and I wanted to be part of Europe again. The queue for voting was massive, so I had to wait. I stood behind the Googlebox ladies (Sandy and Sandra!) and they were chatting about how beautiful they are and were arguing about who was the 'most' beautiful. I then became semi-lucid and found myself jumping out of a plane from a parachute into the night sky. I was wearing a flashing multicoloured onesie. It felt amazing, but when I hit the sea, a feeling of despair washes over me. I feel depressed. I spot an old friend, Tony, sitting on a piece of driftwood. He had come to watch me jump. He waves at me, so I wave back, but then I swim away. Next scene; Mat and I go for a meal at local pub. I tell him that it's not much good, but he seems to enjoy it anyway. It's cheap enough too. As we are walking home, I notice that I only have one shoe on and panic. I go back to the pub and ask if it's been handed in. They have a collection of lonesome shoes, but none of which match mine. I felt self-conscious now and silly; like everyone's eyes were on me... on my bare foot! Shoeless, I went back home and felt terrible that I didn't invite Phoebe for lunch. "I must buy her something special!" I thought, feeling like a bad parent. When I got back, I was on my own. I wanted to catch up on all my favourite shows. I was about to put MTV's Catfish on, when Alex (the strange blogger!) rocked up and, for some reason, he kept getting taller and taller. When we hugged each other goodbye, he had to get on his knees, but it still felt awkward. He then tried picking me up in the air, but I got dizzy and told him I had vertigo. Next scene; My mums neighbour asked if I wanted some spag bolonaise and I said "I'm planning a BBQ this evening, but I'll take some a freeze it!" Next scene; I travel back in time to when Maxi is a baby. I'm at Phoebe's old nursery and my mum is working as a cleaner alongside her neighbour. I look at my baby son and soak in the memory of him being so young and cute.