there’s a snake in my bed

Date: 9/27/2019

By alessbd

ok i literally had nightmare after nightmare last night it was fucking awful. the first one i remember is i picked up this cat and it was really cute but it kept trying to bite me and i didn’t know why but i could feel that it was in pain. i was with my parents and they wouldn’t help me figure out what was wrong with it but i eventually saw that there was like this stick through its paw and that made me cry bc it looked really painful so i think i took it to a vet. the next dream was such a blur but i think i was in some dystopian future. marie was there and we were running from something but it didn’t feel super high stakes. it was night time and we looked up at the sky and this reddish orange dust started falling which scared us a little so we took cover and i can’t remember what happened after that. next, i can’t remember the exact details but there was a snake in my dream and i woke up at 3 AM and woke up my roommate also saying that there was a snake in my bed and i genuinely believed it and freaked her out so i’m an asshole for that. and lastly i think i was in a hotel and i knew i was in rome so i was waiting for magnus. he showed up and we had a really nice hug and a lot of other stuff happened that i don’t really remember but i felt loved :,)