Everything goes wrong

Date: 5/7/2019

By stardustzer0

I am with a group of people in what I think is a school. There is something very wrong, and we have begun to barricade ourselves as much as possible. It is something like a virus that causes people to go insane and try to kill each other. We are trying to get out away from the madness but there are so many affected people to watch out for. At some point I am able to lock myself in a small side room and I can hear and see outside just enough to know that other people are still getting slaughtered. The side room I’m in already has an unaffected dead body in it, and another door that doesn’t close all the way that goes to another side room. I think I have a shotgun and i am just waiting to make sure there is not an affected person trying to get to me through that other door. I am next to a gym and when there is a break in the chaos outside I open the main door and somehow there are a few people from my group with me, who are safe. The gym is not safe but it is the only way out. We have to very carefully begin to sneak our way out through the gym. I think there are affected people eating people in the gym, there’s blood everywhere. The affected people are so busy eating that they don’t notice us as we quietly and carefully weave our through until we make it to the back exit. We get outside and it is not much better- there is some sort of canal that we have to traverse through that is almost like a maze, for some reason the walls of it are pink. As we make it through the canal there is an open hilly field that we have to cross to get to some large trees for cover. We have guns, big ones that we have to carry with both arms so we run quickly and clumsily. There is a barbed wire fence we have to pass through to make it to the trees. I think the trees are really tall pines- when we get to them we slide underneath them on our bellies and stay down. It is daytime and I can see beyond just this hill that we are on; we have to stay hidden because there is no break in the chaos.