a lot of random shit

Date: 1/31/2017

By deepa

something like geo drops me off at a busstop and i get on this bus with a big black white bicycle? thats obstructing thw way and the bus driver is driving rly recklessly and almost crashed several times except other ppl crash and somehow im transported to one of the crashes and this chick is demonstrating some experiment/study or something anf im listening and coorperating... and then she happens to be in one of my projects for uni and shes listing down all the groups n such idk... and then another part where my sister and i wake up at the same time so we decide who hits the shower first.. and its a strange reddish place... also at some point i guess geo or someone is holding my laptop and im freaking out that its gonna bend n bresk cus at the moment its a bit fragilr and i think in my dream i wash my laptop and my laptop case thats rly dirty but its so wet so im like wtf how do i go to school