Fast plane

Date: 3/22/2017

By thetruecall

We were somewhere in Europe for vacation and we were waiting on a plane to take us home. I think I was with my brother. We were taking a smaller plane and we were waitin in a field for our plane to arrive. The small planes came and went, and we were outside able to walk around and look at the planes while they boarded. These planes were really nice, and each was unique. They were owned by wealthy individuals who flew them as a small business. People Had to be quick to board, because the pilots were impatiesnst and wanted to be back in the air. We tried to guess every plane's county of origin by their shape and color. Finally, our plane arrived. It had an incredible design. It was long and slender, with a nose that was wider and blunt. There were three powerful propellers arrayed across the front of the plane. It was very unique design. Designed for power and and speed. I boarded the plane somehow and walked to an extremely sparse passenger cabin that featured two or three couch type seats. The cabin was dim, and I don't remember seeing a window. I was aware that the pilot was also the plane's owner, and somewhat of a wealthy playboy adventurer type. There wsa a striking tall blonde woman in a slender black dress that I determined was our stewardess. She had short blonde hair and a German accent. She had little interest in us other to ensure the plane was boarded quickly.