Weird dreams after drinking wine 🍷

Date: 2/11/2017

By amandalyle

We were at home (which didn't look much like our home at all) and people kept coming into our house uninvited and making themselves at home. We awkwardly make 'small chat' with them. There was an older guy with a grey beard. Strangely handsome. I found Mat in an upstairs bedroom. He was having a depressive episode. He was dangling a pooey baby by the legs. Worried, I told him to hand me the baby. I wanted to give it back to its owners. I got into my car and drove - baby in tow. As I parked the car, I ended up rolling into the back of another car (bloody handbrake!) The grey-haired guy laughed an exaggerated laugh - I could see right into the back of his mouth. He had a fair few teeth missing. I was then on a motorbike riding home. I was uncontrollable. I couldn't control the break and would be slow to come to a halt. The weather conditions were bad, too be fair and I had never ridden a motorcycle before. Next scene: I was in some sort of science lab. The people there were being interviewed. Someone had died and they were investigating the scene. However, I was more concerned with the slush puppy machine. Next scene: I was walking by the river when I came across this group of people. They let me passed in the end, but I could see that they were making some sort of documentary. Next scene; I was sat by the playground bars of my old primary school, chatting to my son Alex and his friends. There was a group of us. Then we got up and started to walk somewhere (I'm not sure where?) my friend kylie was there, and every time a guy walked by, she'd tell me if she thought they were hot or not. A boho guy walked by and she told me "she would!" ... I said he was "too boho for me!" Next scene: I was walking around the Tyger shop with my mum. I was looking for a bathroom bin, but kept finding plastic buddhas instead. I was really excited until I saw their faces. They looked disturbing. "I don't think I'll bother!" I said. Next scene; I was trying to contact spirits but wasn't getting through. So I cleared my mind and allowed my pen to move across paper. I could just about read what was on there... the only word I could make out was "die" ... I felt scared.