parallel worlds

Date: 2/11/2017

By KayDeeKay

I was on this beautiful island with my family (in this dream I'm a completely different person than in real life so my family were different characters as well). We were staying in this resort on the island's cove. All the buildings were stacked on top of each other. I remember something strange happening where everyone on the island disappeared and it was just my family left. We are trying to find a way out (be chased by something) and all the buildings became this huge maze. I get separated from my parents and my brother goes into another room, I chase after him and realize I get dumped out into a different dimension where Im no longer in my previous body. My brother is someone else now too and his memories of his past life are fading. We try to find another exit and throughout the dream we step into worlds that are parallel to ours (constantly changing a bodies). I'm trying to Keep my brother from forgetting who he was but time is running short. In some worlds he doesn't even know who I am and I have to force him through other portals of he maze. We run into my parents (I just knew it was them even though they looked different ) but they were too far gone and I had to leave them to save my brother. The whole dream, it was like it was dusk outside and the scenery was stunning. I never found out what happened to us or if we made it out of the weird worlds we were running through.