Hogwarts School of RV Death And Android Fairies

Date: 5/31/2017

By dreamsofvoid

im in a wizard class in an abandoned indoor pool and Mrs Wilkins is the teacher. Im the top of my class, so she takes me to her office where there's four hanging voodoo dolls. she tells me "put this jester hat on the doll of the person you want to take revenge on" and im like "but i dont wanna take revenge on anybody, i like these people." and she goes "..." "oh. okay." and gives me a weird look. "not even Payan?" im like "yeah." anyway, then class lets out and my family and i go on a road trip and take an RV, except its my mom+ my 3 bros. somewhere along the highway, the RV gets stuck on the verge of a large crack in the ground that looks bottomless. We're all hanging off the side and we see Mariana (mom's friend) and her family in an RV swerve off the road and have an accident. not too long after, the first responders arrive but AJ, Christian, and Angelina(?) dont make it. we all meet Jacob at a nearby train station and he has an android/fairy hybrid named Opus floating around him and he tells me and Rolando that he's gonna free Opus in memory of those who died and i see Opus(apparently a beloved family friend) dissolve into glitter and float off into the wind. i was so sad, i think i woke up crying.