A Morbidly Bizarre Dream!

Date: 7/11/2017

By amandalyle

I was out drinking with kylie and this other guy, who was being an absolute knob. I had met him previously in Morrisons. He was a nutritionist with the worst acne I had ever seen. I thought this was bit ironic, seeing as he ate such a healthy diet. He was lecturing this other guy in what NOT to eat. Anyway, I ended up bumping into him again when I met my friend kylie for a few drinks. They were getting drunk together, but no matter how many drinks I had, I remained sober. They flipped out a phone and started looking at old pictures of kylie and me when we were 16 or so, and the 'nutritionist guy' started to laugh at the pictures of me. I felt really insecure. They really weren't that bad. We then walked through town and Phoebe's friends were there. Two boys. They towered over me, despite them only being 11, and they kept mimicking everything I said. I was growing increasingly pissed off. I then followed this mother and daughter into a field. The boys were there, again, shooting animals. The mother and daughter were upset as they were dead against hunting. (And rightly so!) Unfortunately, the boys were firing so wildly, the mother got shot. The daughter then stood behind her mother and put her finger through the hole in her body. "Yes, she's definitely dead!" She said, her body falling helplessly to the ground with a THUD. She seemed very matter-of-fact about it all and showed little emotion. I found this to be the strangest thing of all. She had told me her mum was her best friend. Next scene: I was with this pervert ex-neighbour. He had invited me in for a chat and cup of tea. As it turned out, he was a fan of famous murderers. There was memorabilia everywhere I looked. He had a ordered a big package with some clothing that one of victims had worn when she was butchered alive and he wanted me to try it on for him. I didn't seem at all phased by this and did as I was told. The postman still lingered and I knew it was because he wanted to see me in my underwear too. He had gotten upset, previously, because I dare to question the authenticity of the clothes in the box. "I highly doubt that these are the actual clothes of the victim. Wouldn't they be in evidence bags in a police department, somewhere?" He shot me an evil look, like bitch! How dare you? In the box, there was some skimpy underwear in coral pink. I tried it on , but was having trouble with the fastening. The postman called me an 'incompetent bitch' and I thought this was a bit little harsh. He was still angry about me doubting the box of clothes, I could tell. My pervert ex-neighbour then gave me some water and took his shoes off. I was suspicious about this water. Had he drugged it? I remember looking down at his feet and thinking how gross they were. Skinny and curled at the ends. Old peoples feet. We were then talking about books and authors for a bit and he started to get a bit too close for comfort, placing his hand on my leg and such. I wanted to push it off, but I didn't want to hurt his feelings. I was scared of this man. Scared of what he was capable of. When he was out of the room, I was looking at some of these books and, rather bizarrely, he had some childhood pictures of my best friend and me.... he even had a few of my late grandmother. "But he didn't even know me back then? What the fuck?" I thought, feeling rather spooked. It was true, I had only known this man for the best part of 4 months. (4 months too long!) He then put a gory horror movie on which involved a man who liked to butcher women and cut their faces off as souvenirs. He would hang them on his living room wall with pride. I wanted him to turn the movie off, it was freaking me out. But he wouldn't. This whole situation was beginning to freak me out, so I stepped outside in the garden for a breather. It was then, when I realised that I had some sort of oversized denture in my mouth. I was mortified, and debated whether to take it out... a part of me was too scared. Where had my teeth gone? When I came back in, I made my excuses and left. He looked disappointed, I could see it in his eyes. "I'll never go back there!" I remember thinking.