Bradley Cooper and his Lucid Dream Factory

Date: 3/7/2017

By amandalyle

I met Bradley Cooper in a Lucid Dream Factory. He was wearing a white god-like gown and it was clear to see that he was the star of the show, right from the very start. Everyone stuck to his rules. He was boss, and that was that. "Welcome to the lucid dream factory!" He said, and proceeded to show us around. There was a huge pool that you could breathe under. To test this out, I dived straight in. It was true. I could breathe under the water. It was really cool, because the walls of the pool were made of glass and you could see right through them. Cooper was cocky. He didn't like it when other people took advantage of the place. There were 3 or 4 people getting into the hot tub and he gave them all a 'bollocking' about messing with the settings. He then told them to get in and have a nice time! He liked to be in control, you see. In the hot tub, there was a woman. She opened her legs and I could see her vagina in all its shaven glory. Bradley's eyes lit up. I knew he wanted her, but he remained professional and proceeded with the tour. We entered this Arabian-styled tent - it was huge. Grander than anything I had ever seen before. The place was beautiful. The same girl was there again, and this time Bradley couldn't resist. She was naked and I watched Bradley 'go down on her' while she screamed the place of down. She was loving it and I was kind of jealous. Midway through, he glared up towards the grand stairs, and there stood a beautiful blonde girl - she looked like a supermodel. He stopped what he was doing, hopped off and followed this girl, but she bravely said... "I don't fucking think so! I'm going out with my friends!" And she did... for all of 2 seconds... the next minute, Bradley had jumped into a helicopter, snatched her from her group of friends and was fucking her in the garden bushes. She was loving it also. "What an animal!" I thought. I was kind of turned on by this point, so I was glad when Mat came over with a blanket and asked me if I wanted to snuggle with him.