Date: 4/15/2017

By dreamercakes17

I dreamt that I was in this low lighting room with my dad & all of a sudden 2 guys walk in. Apparently it was a public place. And one of the guys asked me to prom. In my head I was thinking like wtf is this guy doing & how does he even know me. I kinda hesitated to say yes but I did. Then I went to hug him & we kissed boy were his lips dry!! It was so awkward. Anyways I kept trying to wake my dad to see the poster & flowers but he was not having it. So, now we're at prom I think & my group of friends are kinda drunk. My one girl friend was oober drunk & her date was the dude's friend that asked me. She is fooling around with him & they're about to like have sex in the back of the limo. When my date tells his friend to stop because she's basically unconscious. Later on, my date & I start making out & we just wrap our arms around each other. Oh & the way he chose me for a date was based on a list of girls that didn't have a date to prom, random. I guess it was a good night. Let's hope real prom is like that.