Weed-smoking Ghosts, Meeting The Queen and An Unfortunate Blow Job 😳

Date: 6/12/2017

By amandalyle

I was working in a hair salon and my next client was sat in the waiting room. I recognised him. It was a guy I went to school with. I was struggling to find the right tools, he was practically bald and I needed to find some special type of cutting device. I had kept him waiting for a fair bit and when I went to find him, he had fled. "Oh, damn!" I thought. Next scene; I was with the Ghostbusters squad. They had a van similar to the Scooby truck. We were going to different places, getting rid of ghosts. The last place we stopped off at was a bit strange. It looked like some sort of 60's hippie den. As we stood in the dimly-lit room, we saw a giant rizla float up into the air, where it was stuffed with marijuana and then sealed by a slurp of an invisible tongue. Meanwhile, it just hovered in the air, daring us not to take it. Next scene; My mum was hobbling along. It looked like she had hurt her leg pretty badly but, despite this, she was determined to go for a long summers walk along the river. We made my daughter, Phoebe, come along too, and she was moaning pretty much the whole way. We had managed to walk all the way to London. As we walked past the royal gates, the Queen and other royal family members were having their picture taken. My mum couldn't help but hobble over and wish the queen a happy birthday. "Her birthday was yesterday!" I said, embarrassed. "Oh, what does it matter?" My mum replied "I just met the Queen!" Next scene; I was at home with Mat. He said he wanted a vasectomy and I agreed that this was probably for the best. We then had sex one last time, as if this were the last we'd ever get the chance. As I was giving him head, his penis was growing wider and wider, and I was having problems fitting it into my mouth. Although, I kept retching, I kept on going... 😳