Inigma Dream1 (I was 10 years old)

Date: 7/20/2017

By NunoSantos

[The dream is placed in a park near a monostier] im alone... its raining and the atmosfer feells heavy. [a thunderstorm is caching like i never saw in that place before]. I look around in search of a place to hide from the rain.. [but all things have a greyish color to them also like if im loking through a camera filter] ..i start walking thoughords a statue in my front.. [a lightning bolt strikes it as i pass] I remember thinking "yaiks! wrong whith this place..i have to find shelter." [i have a very critic mind even in sleep] At this point i notice sometinhg very odd. The monostier that always had a balcony in front was gone! closed! its place there was a wall with windows still in construction..[it was covered whith scaffolds] Iaproatch the open window to look around..[what i saw bafled me..and send shivers trough my spine] It was rows and rows of RED chairs! [also there was something odd about that room so i looked at the floor... "what?! rail tracks??..beneath the chairs?!...what is this for?" [They all seam to line up to a white screen in the far end like a cinema room] ..then.. i heard a click noise ajd a huge rumble!.. something activated the sistem like it felt my presence.. the white screen turned into blue water ..and all the RED chairs stared to move forward and disappearing in the water! [ i remember waking up in shock, only thinking what will they use this for..and what will happen to those people] [curiosity: the monostier served has a girl school for more than 50 years. it was closed 1 year ago(2016) oficial project defined yet.. but there are rumors the porpose is to building a shoping center...update still needed]