OH CRAP! I've lost my son.... AGAIN?!

Date: 4/17/2017

By amandalyle

I was giving husband a blow job when I needed to get up (maybe to go for a wee?) but when I came back, he was half asleep and no longer hard. I remember being really annoyed but, ironically, I was then woken by him (in real life) pawing at me for sex... and I just rolled over and fell back to sleep. Next scene; My friend kylie was looking after my son, Alex, but when I went over there to pick him up, she told me she sent him home ages ago. "What do you mean? He's only 4 years old? He can't walk home by himself... in the dark?!" I yelled, and then I froze in complete and utter fear at the thought of him trying to cross the busy roads by himself. "Sorry, kiddo. I didn't know. I thought he'd be fine!" She replied. I was absolutely frantic by this point and I ran out in the pouring rain to find him. It was also dark and late at night. It felt like hours, but I found him in the end. He was walking around her close (he must have gotten lost) When I embraced him in my arms, I felt something jutting into my neck. He was wearing large dangling earrings. "Umm, why is my son wearing woman's earrings?" I asked kylie, knowing that she'd secretly gotten his ears pierced without my consent. "I don't know, I didn't do it!" She replied, way too quickly to be authentic. The next day, I was in town with my mother-in-law and, somehow, we managed to lose Alex again. He'd gone off wondering somewhere. I became frantic again "Oh no! Not again!" I shouted... along with a few curse words and many tears. We walked what felt like miles trying to hunt him down. At one point, I took my son Max through - what appeared to be - an assault course and, with great difficultly, managed to get to the other side. As I walked towards what used to be the photography shop, I saw his joyous little face riding in a go-cart in the security camera TV. I turned around and there he was, peddling over to us. I had never been so happy. I thought I had lost him for Good. Next scene; I was browsing around the shops, when this fatty substance rose up in my throat and filled my mouth. "I need to find a bin!" I mumbled to Kylie. I rushed around trying to find a bin to spit it out into, but wasn't having any luck. There were so many people bustling around. I decided to take myself to the ladies room and spat the gunk into the sink. At which point, I realised I was having a dream and became lucid. I tired to contain my excitement and went off to explore the dreamscape... but then my husband woken me up in his sleep... dammit! Next scene; I was standing by this vw camper van with a bunch of hippies. I wanted to join their party, it looked just my 'hippy' cup of tea. I could smell the weed tickle my nostrils. I hadn't smoked it for so long and I had a major craving, but I didn't have the courage to ask them if I could join in. Next scene; I was in Morrisons carpark (again!) and there were some guys wearing 'face masks' who were casually sat on a sofa. One of the guys said the last time I saw him was naked, so I probably couldn't recognise him. I'd never seen him before in my life, but I recognised the other guy. My husband was there, so we made our excuses and left. It was all rather awkward and I couldn't understand why they were wearing face packs?