kinda weird

Date: 5/20/2017

By deepa

having really vivid dreams but i guess im too lazy to remember them.. but one distinct one was smth with a guy that i maybe loved turned into some scary asshole and im kinda trying to escape but i cant and im saying the very right things and nothing to anger him...its scary and um..smth with sex not working and so he asks me to suck him off but theres a weird mask that he was putting on his face on it and i was so grossed out not sure what happened but somehow im on the run and im passing by some school...and i guess running home and afraid hes gonna come to my place.. also before that he made/manipulated zac efron to bring an entire closet over so he can put something on it.. there was also smth important with a red book in this dream i think pippa was there and she started this scary man thing.. also me n vina or smth plan to meet klaudia at her school but when im there i realise that shes overseas so wtf am i doing here.. theres some small bit with shaycarls family..