Puking in bushes, cyber bullies and a pair of bloody knickers! 😳

Date: 2/14/2017

By amandalyle

I was at some sort of outdoors social event. I caught sight of a man puking in the bushes (obviously drank too much!) but, to my horror, saw that it was my dad (who has been dead for 7 years!) Simon cowell walked by and didn't bat an eyelid. I slid down into my chair, embarrassed. Next scene: I had posted a blog and it getting scrutinised by someone (a cyber bully!) I tried to fight my corner but they weren't backing down "bitch!" I thought. Next scene: I was on laundry duty with someone I knew from back in high school (Carey Eastern?) I've got this!" I said, putting all the dirty laundry into a large basket. As I did so, I caught sight of a pair of bloody knickers "ewww!" I thought, tossing them in the basket quickly.