Date: 3/19/2017

By arianna

I was walking home from an early release at school and I was at my door when my drug dealer neighbor came outside and saw me and I was like listen it's really annoying how the house always smells like weed and he was like do you want some and I was like ok! We went upstairs and I said he had to hurry Bc my dad was home and I don't want him to notice. He told me he had to roll a joint and I was like how do you not have anything rolled your house always smells like weed. We get to the top of the stairs and I notice that he has the same coffee table as us and I mention it. Then I start to see other similar things, most of the furniture in his house is the same as mine and I all of a sudden get freaked out. I also notice under the coffe table there are three books that say Angels guide ore something like that and there were three volumes. (Which was random and wierd) turn around and both of my parents are standing right there. They start saying I can't believe it that you would do this and I thought you would do better and not smoke weed. And sort of just laughed and was like this is not a big deal at all but deep down I was so scared Bc they had caught me once again. I walked into my house and was in the kitchen and heard them saying they were going to talk to Taylor and say I couldn't go to lollapalooza anymore and I ran to my room laid on the floor and started crying