Chris browns date to the met gala

Date: 6/8/2017

By thehumblegoddess

Dreamt I was friends with Chris brown. Something happened between him and his date and He asked to take me to the met gala. He asked if I had something to wear and I told him he had already bought me a dress. We were at his mansion/apartment. For some reason my things were already in there. He went to lay down and closed his door. I peaked my head in and asked if he was going to sleep. He said sort of not really as if it was an invitation. I thought about going in to lay with him and thought of us having sex but then decided against it since we were just friends. I told him goodnight and closed the door half expecting him to come get me half not caring. I went and sat in the hall looking out the window there were cops everywhere. They were across the street and at our apartment building. I was about to go lay down in the guest bedroom and wanted turn on a little light. I saw my salt lamp and looked for a place to plug it in but I was still in front of the big window and felt it wasn't a good idea to illuminate the house with all the cops around questioning people. I was taking it to my room thinking how I didn't like my dress that he'd bought and how I needed something more fly because I was going to be in the magazines. I knew people would assume I was his gf and talk shit about me if I didn't look my best but I didn't feel that Chris was out of my league.