"Say My Name, Say My Name!"

Date: 4/25/2017

By amandalyle

I was with my best friend, kylie. We were in what is supposed to be my old bedroom (but didn't look much like it at all) Amongst the things in this room, was my 'old skool' tape player we used to record our own radio shows on. I pressed the play button and it started to play some hiliarious songs that I had written myself. I was playing acoustic guitar, but it sounded amateur and dreadful. It was really cringeworthy and we both chuckled away to ourselves. I then started singing "say my name" by Destiny's Child and then Destiny's Child themselves actually walked in and were telling us about when they used to tour together. They showed us a video of a time when the bunk beds at their hotel had broken and they had to sleep on top of plastic storage boxes. I was gobsmacked, how the bloody hell did they manage to sleep on these tiny little boxes? Kylie and I were then shifting furniture for this guy (I think he was my landlord?) There was a big box with a train set in it and I kept thinking of much Alex would love it. I was tempted to steal it, but then I realised he already had this set. No need. Next scene; I was at this social gathering with a group of young people. Amongst the crowd, I recognised some people I used to go to high school with. We were all waiting to go on some sort of school trip. As we queued, I saw a sofa (which had been turned up on its side) on the floor and I decided to sit down on it. There was a guy I recognised from school and I patted the space next to me. He came and sat down next to me and I instantly felt like we had a connection. He was being very tactile and we cuddled up together before being called to get into our lines again. In the queue, I saw a girl I recognised from school (Sarah) I was shocked, because she hadn't changed one bit. Where we still 16? I wondered. Some of us were going to the pub, and some of us had to go on a nature walk. unfortunately, I had to go on the walk. I was jealous of those who got to go to the pub. On this walk - along the river - I was cradling what looked like a little ferret in my arms. He was so damn cute. His beady little eyes kept looking up at me. I then saw a couple and recognised the girl walking towards me. She was in a nurses outfit and seemed to be really happy. I felt bad, because I wasn't that nice to her in school, but I was genuinely happy that she had now found happiness. The ferret then leaped out of my arms and scurried into the wilderness. I didn't feel sad, because I knew he'd come running back. Next scene; Mat was trying to find somewhere to park in Sainsbury's car park, but was struggling to find a space. Frustrated, he said "God damn it! I'm gagging for a strawberry cider!" Next scene; I was in some sort of aquarium with a lesbian couple. One of the lesbians was really horrible to the other. I knew that this was a violent relationship, and I wanted to help the girl to realise that she could do so much better. Her girlfriend, however, had other plans and kept dragging her under the water. "You have a choice to be happy!" I called over to her. "Believe me! You deserve better!" But she remained in the pool, being dragged by her horrible girlfriend.