Date: 4/8/2017

By deepa

its 4am..def had a dream for some reason i cant remember anything my heads blank..i think it wasnt too gonna wake up at lets see what i got left johnny being way drunk and trying to get wayy close to me and i keep turning him aeound to show that geos right there right behind but its alright we eventually leave him and the rest.. ww are at another club thing me.n geo and theres like florence n such but before that theres me geo tommy and some othee older man who keeps trying to sell small green beada which turn out to be like drugs n asks me if ill put it in my weird sp somehow me n geo r separated and im with some girls dancing and at some point which is rly late in the night i decide to go findgeo in another building basically and he comes out the toilet with his pants rolled up cus he puked and im like Wow cus he normally doesnt ever puke and we go in n see his puke its crazy gross.. and then at some point this becomes a jealousy dream cus we r looking for some chick one of the friends we came with and hes telling me "yakno the one with the cute name" and while we r looking for her he tells me oh its the cute one..i later find out they even went out to have nice food and came back in to dance and im so jealous.. somehow in the dream we also establish that they danced togethr very close and kissed and im obviously proper pissed..another story line with the same scenarios but i was a bit idk..cus florecne was there and calling the police..idk and i was just a mess...i cant tell what exactly but the above scenario was always the midpoint in the story..another one where maybe geo bought this chick into a room and a bathtub but im there 3rd person view but when we go into the rpom with the bed its me ans some other guy like a..bad mafia guy..idk....theres also anothwr scenario with geo getting almost getting in trouble with the club for stealing maybe? cabt recall but remember him tellingme hes not going to this club anymore.. another dream where i waa in some park watching some indian recital and watxhing crows and birds eat the lelftover prayer rice thing basically the geo thing just kept repeating n ot makes me so sad.. )-: like the little time i was away he suddenly fell in love with this chick or smth...boooo