Digital art 4k scene from a movie: Dall-e generated image of a woman standing up in a confrontational manner as her sister calmly warns someone "You better run now" before they flee out the door.

"Ooooohh You Better Run!" 🏃

Date: 3/4/2019

By blucanary

I was sitting w my big sister, Michelle, at her house. She just got out of the hospital from some weird fluke virus and almost died (the Drs said they think the flu vaccine she recently had is what set this virus in motion). Her body is still very weak and she now has to learn how to walk on her own again. She was sitting on the couch and I was in a chair next to her. A "friend" of hers showed up and had a seat in a chair on the opposite side of the couch (the side nearest the front door). We were all talking, but every time I wd say something, her friend wd get an attitude or make a rude remark or something. After a few minutes of this I started giving the attitude right back. Michelle stopped the converstaion and turned to me, asking if there was a problem between myself and her friend. I told her that I wasnt aware of a problem, her friend had just been nasty towards me ever since she arrived. Michelle then turned towards her friend and said, "My sister's right. You've been really rude to her"! Her friend said something abt me not being there enough and I said "Im here right now, aren't I?! Who's been giving her therapy for the past week since the very same day she got home from the hospital?! Who's been bathing her?! Who's been brushing her hair?! Who hasn't let her out of her sight?! Who sat by her hospital bed holding her hand whole she was unconscious w/ a breathing machine breathing for her?!" And Michelle said, "Yeah, Summer's always there when I need her"! Then her friend said (to Michelle), "Yeah, well back before you were as nice as you are now".. I IMMEDIATELY interrupted and said "Before she was as nice as she is now?!? She has ALWAYS been super nice!!!" Michelle was sitting there looking at the piece of cloth she was sewing (to work on getting her fine motor skills back) and just made that "ewwwwww" sound (not the 'gross' ewww, the "you're in trouble now" ewww kind of noise, lol. How wd you spell that, 'ewwww' or 'ohhhh'. Oh who freaking cares?! ANYWAY!!) Im getting more angry as fractions of seconds go by and as I finish my sentence I now stand up in a confrontational manner. As I stand up Michelle says to her "friend", very calmy, "You better run now"! Her friend ran out the door and I gave chase, but lost her bc I tripped over the chair she had been sitting in and kindof tumbled towards the front door (I didn't actually fall though, I grabbed the sides of the open door-hole [I am having a total brain-fart right now and cant think of a better way to describe that =/ ] and caught myself) So she ran off, getting away as I tumbled over her chair. I stood up and looked back at my sister and that was it. The end.

AI generated interpretation This dream seems to reflect feelings of protectiveness, loyalty, and assertiveness towards your sister, Michelle. The dream starts with Michelle being in a vulnerable state after a traumatic experience, symbolized by her illness and hospitalization. You are depicted as being her supportive caregiver, showing love and devotion by tending to her physical needs and being by her side throughout her recovery process. The conflict in the dream arises when Michelle's friend enters the scene and behaves disrespectfully towards you. This could represent feeling underappreciated or undervalued by someone close to your sister. Your assertive response to the friend's rudeness reflects your willingness to stand up for yourself and defend your actions and intentions towards Michelle. The climax of the dream, where Michelle calmly tells her friend to run, signifies your protective instincts and strong sense of loyalty towards your sister. The chase scene and your physical struggle to catch the friend may indicate a struggle to assert yourself and confront challenging situations in your waking life. Overall, this dream highlights your deep emotional connection with your sister and your readiness to defend and support her. It may also suggest a need to assert yourself and set boundaries in relationships where you feel unappreciated or disrespected.