The One With Three Pools of Slime

Date: 9/26/2019

By nicolezdzieba

I’m getting a bag of Reese’s down from the top shelf of the pantry to put in my lunch. I think about how I just ate the last ones at work (which I actually did) ... I’m with Blane and Jonathan at Steak n’ Shake after some kind of Journey event. I sit across from them. Blane gets a plate of nacho fries and lets me have a few. I drink an açaí smoothie ... I’m in a van with Gary, Renee and Kailyn. We’re talking about youth group. We’ve apparently just left it in the middle of some kind of summer camp activity with pools of orange, green and white slime. Kailyn was stationed at the white one, and Gary was stationed at the orange. I picture all of this in The Venue (not sure if this is supposed to be a memory, or if it’s just me picturing it from their descriptions). Suddenly, all of them disappear and I’m alone in the van. I remember that I’m waiting on Shanon to come out so we can go somewhere.