camp zombies?

Date: 2/20/2017

By deepa

some weird shit like its a camp and its the uss day and at some point we r full on bombarded with zombies and loaded with weapons and my hand gun runs out and i throw dynamite instead its so odd cus the few of us fighting this huge load is on a higher level above them and we got them stuck at a cheap shot area and so we r sxrewing them but at some point they get loose but they dont seem to come up so after waiting so long n even exchanging goodbyes eith desih and some blonde chick? like real tearfelt goodbyes..and shes crying like deepa..ull come back to my place tonight its rly gay n sad.... abd then after waiting so long we r frustrated so someof us walk back n see that the camp kids who are apparebtly the zombies we wanna shoot? r standing around not looking like zombies anymore so i hide n relay the message honestly..idk and then at some point one of the camp kid comes up to me and we r prepping for tmrs games and he gives me a card and i say nahh i dont need pne and he says he likes me its cute like a mother son way and he recites his lines in tamil for me..and desihs there and i see felicia how odd and then we r trying to see how tmrs activities go but the planning committee is so bad so im annoyed n crystals there and the last part ends with jeraldine texting me to tell me that celine earlier this year wrote on her post i miss you or smth and i ask her is it insta? ok backtracking just a bit the bit before this camp zombie thing it was i feel a lot like a videogame but with other ppl like rick grimes n this blonde chick and we r at some plqce gettimg keys to unlock stuff its a Lot like a game cus my controls were shit at one point n i even mention it to someone.. and then basicaly we r finding items looting the place n getting keys and opening and at some point i guess we get the last key and defeat the game so we r happy n like just rejoicing planning on getting out but i think i see smth go up a ladder chimney thing and i point out to my mates but they have spotted another ladder thing theyve spotted two and they dont wanna go up mine so im sad and i just follow them and we go up ramps and shit and theres rick grimes and we rmarching up its a huge march n this is where the big emotional goodbyes come along and Then the camp kids thing happens straaange. anyway some other dreams happened before this one and those had smth with derek n he for some reason has a Huge wallet with currencies feom so many places n some of it is kept in a box an dim taking care of it for a while but we r in some oceany weird place setting and the wind mighr blow the money away cus its like an open box and so i help stuff some of the money into the wallet n when he comes back hes maybe pleased? but then he walks over on the phone and swings his box bag n everything over this small hole that will definitely fall thru into the ocean and im like What the fuck... another bit with cockroaches? something like big huge fat insects and theyre in a bag and theyre not born yet maybe? but its basically there and i kinda knife them incase they come alive n its a mess but when i go to close the plastic bag to toss it one of the shell thing eww gets on me finger and i scream n stuff there were So much morefor the life of me cant remember