A Wingless Bird, A Grumpy Louis Theroux and some Freeway Love 💕

Date: 9/17/2019

By amandalyle

There was this helpless solo-winged bird who was struggling to fly. I watched it for awhile and debated whether to just put it out of its misery. I tried to pick it up, but it’s only wing then fell off and floated away in the wind. “Poor little guy!” I thought. Then I watched it, somehow, miraculously start flying. (Wingless. Yes!) From that moment, i fell in love and I decided that the wingless bird was going to my new pet. I took the little fella everywhere with me and fed it (only the best) milk from an elephants udder (?!) Next scene; I was filming a documentary with the not-so lovely Louis Theroux about how awful schools were in my home county ‘Somerset’. He starting setting up to interview this police lady, but these ‘wall to wall’ electric blinds had a mind of their own and kept moving up and down, up and down... casting us both in darkness and in light. It was most disorienting. Louis (who was actually a grumpy bugger, in my dream!) stood up and yelled “I can’t work in these conditions!” and walked out. Next scene; I vaguely remember travelling in the back of this VW Camper with the Made in Chelsea gang and we were stuck in back to back traffic for what felt like eternity which , apparently, was all Mauva’s fault because she turned down a ferryboat ride and opted for a road trip instead. Rather than being pissed off, we were very complimentary of how amazing she was regardless of her little misjudgement. Free love on the free love freeway ... and all that jazz.