Digital art 4k scene from a movie: A dream where a person finds themselves on a talk show, angrily yelling at the Kardashians for their lack of empathy towards hard-working individuals like themselves.

Yelling at the Kardashians -_- This App is Now Affecting my Dreams

Date: 3/21/2019

By blucanary

I was browsing through the dreamwall a few days ago and noticed that a lot of ppl seem to have dreams involving the Kardashians. I found that odd as I had, luckily, never dreamt of them before. Then lo' and behold, sure enough, last night - BAM! THE FRICKIN' KARDASHIANS! WTH?!?! ~I dont remember most of it. I remember one small part. I was on what appears to be a talk show or something with the older main original sister. We were all sitting in a circle (in chairs) and Im yelling at one of them... Kim, I think, saying, "I DONT GIVE A SH** HOW RICH YOU ARE, JUST LIKE YOU DONT GIVE A SH** HOW POOR I AM, OR WHAT A HARD WORKER MY MOTHER IS"! The others had smirks on their faces as they tried not to laugh at Kim getting yelled at. ~ It does seem as though after that we became close, or I became one of them or something like that, but it's just weird images I have in my mind with no real substance so it's difficult to say.

AI generated interpretation This dream seems to reflect some underlying feelings and thoughts you may have about societal perceptions of wealth, success, and celebrity culture. The fact that you were initially surprised to have a dream about the Kardashians after seeing many others have similar dreams suggests that there may be some subconscious influence from external sources or media that is seeping into your dreamscape. Yelling at Kim Kardashian in the dream could symbolize a sense of frustration or resentment towards individuals who are perceived as extremely wealthy or privileged, such as celebrities like the Kardashians. Your outburst in the dream, expressing that wealth and status do not define a person's worth, could indicate a desire to challenge societal values and stereotypes related to success and fame. It may also suggest a need to assert your own values and beliefs in the face of external influences. The shift in the dream where you become close to the Kardashians or feel like you are one of them could indicate a conflicted relationship with the concept of celebrity or material wealth. On one hand, there may be a curiosity or fascination with the lifestyle and image projected by celebrities like the Kardashians, while on the other hand, there is a recognition of the superficiality and disconnect from reality that can come with such fame. Overall, this dream could be highlighting your inner struggles with societal expectations, materialistic values, and the desire for authentic connections and recognition of individual worth beyond external markers of success. It may be a reflection of your own evolving views on fame, wealth, and personal identity.