Music Box

Date: 4/28/2019

By ArretVokram

I was sitting on the floor by the window, I think I was feeling melancholy. I was just sitting there being kind of sad, until a bunch of drones flew by and spied on me. I decided to go get a blade to self-harm with. (I always seem to do this kinda shit in dreams, bleh.) When I came back, the window was open and all my shirts and bras were stolen. There was laughter coming from some parked cars outside, mostly full of young dudes. I was going to go and self-harm somewhere else, but then I noticed there was a jeep with a strong looking goth girl. I thought about it a while, but I guess I was real lonely/thirsty (I couldn't tell what my intentions were.) So I dropped the blade, wrapped a small blanket around my chest, and just went for it. They let me in the car, I'm guessing because I had the balls to come outside without a shirt. I sat in the middle in the back. There was the goth lass on the right, on closer inspection she seemed to have cat ears. (She was way out of my league though.) And then on the left a small cute lass with long light brown hair, she had a nerdy look to her, with acne scars on her face, I think she had blue eyes, I also think she had braces, and she had a skinny androgynous looking body. (I think she was a trans girl, which to be honest I'm cool with.) As we started driving, the girl on the left started trying to silently flirt, winking and just trying to signal her interest, she seemed awkward and nervous about it but I got the memo. I decided to go for the kill and kiss her on the neck, and even licking it a bit, and then she also did the same, It went back and fourth until we were eventually making out. We drove up to someone's house/convenience store thing, and I explored a little bit until, the goth girl signaled me to follow her. So we went to the back, and I saw the nerdy lass, she was wearing a pink shirt and below she was wearing black lingerie, she asked me to unbutton it. Being horny as fuck, I did. And I found a massive music box down there, I was so impressed that I just sat there blushing for hours. (I guess I sort of liked not being get to it immediately.) I had to leave and go home soon, I said bye to the goth lass, but I wanted to find that girl to say bye and thanks for the fun time. Unfortunately I woke up, and I was upset that I didn't do any of that in real life, And then I woke up again and wrote this.